Building a foundation

Despite being involved with various startups since the age of 16, I’ve never managed to involve very many people in my teams. Though this is about to change…

I’ve met my current business partner less than 6 months ago, just before he went off for vacation in India. I contacted him, because I randomly read an article about him and thought it sounded awesome. Quickly after I’ve arranged a meeting with him in Fredericia and after a few hours, I had a good gut feeling about this guy.

He returned to Denmark in March, and I suggested that he should move in with me, so we could work on this new project, easypie. The idea was kinda blurry, but should be something like:

  • Help students during their studies
  • Solve challenges for companies
  • Approach development in a new way, and build a cool company

On top of the above, we wanted to keep working on and, but we both knew that these projects couldn’t stand alone, if we wanted bread on the table. Therefore we started brainstorming on the blurry idea…

What if we sourced assignments to students? What competences will they have?

We agreed to start with ICT-engineers. We already had Viktors involved, and was impressed with his skills and work ethics. So I arranged a meeting with an ICT-student, who was involved in a student organization for ICT-students, Kristofer. This guy was the perfect match, because he was passionate about the organization, but he could also see the value in working with easypie.

Setting up a meeting with potential students
I’ve booked a fancy meeting-room in Vitus Bering Innovation Park, and made an event on facebook with specific information about the first task; a simple mobile-application. Within a few hours, we had a little short of 10 signups. Of those there was four really skilled people in app-development. But rather than just involving the skilled students, we’ve invited all students to join the project, so they could learn (and we could follow the original, blurry vision).